CAPRI provides consulting services covering patents, trade marks and design patents:

• on the validity of and the freedom to utilize patents and design patents,
• on the availability of and the freedom to utilize trade marks,
• on the infringement of IP rights.

CAPRI also handles the negotiation and the drafting of contracts covering aspects of Industrial and Intellectual Property.

Before beginning the process of filing the patent, trade mark, design patent, the inventor needs to seek advice and information to ensure that the invention will receive pertinent and optimal protection. CAPRI systematically provides its clients with a written recommendation at the conclusion of the first consultation phase.

Mr Erfinder, inventor, described to us his new concept of a construction material for making indoor furniture. CAPRI advised him to file a patent covering the composition of the material and the casting process, and to provide one or more design patents covering the shapes and aesthetic aspects of pieces of furniture made from it. CAPRI also advised him to quickly find a partner capable of developing and industrialising this concept and of paying for all or part of the expenses involved in taking out the patent. In this regard, CAPRI informed Mr Erfinder of the possibility of obtaining financial aid, for example from OSEO or any other similar organism.